Saturday, 24 August 2013

Lemonade and bay leaves

Wow, what an emotional rollercoster this week has been.

This week I became a cyclist. The last time I was on a bike was centre parcs in march, before that it was centre parcs 6 years ago and before that I can't even remember!!! So I'm pretty sure I've never cycled on a road before. So I embraced our new outdoor lifestyle by cycling down to musical tots and back. And I actually quite enjoyed it :)

I have also learnt (or is it learned? I never know) how to make lemonade making use of the lemons we found growning in the garden. I can now also recognise an olive tree and a bay tree, thanks to the every helpful labels left on them. And it's been very nice being able to pop out into the garden and pick bay leaves to flavour our rice. Yummy! :)

Also this week I have broken down in tears in the play ground. Broken down in tears over Skype chatting to a very dear friend and cried watching little house on the prairie! I'd love to say that I'm all cried out but I doubt that very much. Although I love it here, I find that I am incredibly emotional most of the time and so spend a lot of conversations fighting back tears. Not that I'm unhappy, just that sometimes its all a bit too much and all I want is a hug and a cuppa with welsh cake and a natter with a friend.

Maybe I'll make some welsh cakes tomorrow!?!

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