Sunday, 18 August 2013


Well yesterday I learnt a valuable lesson. Two actually! Firstly my memory can be totally rubbish at times and secondly, google is amazing!

Having tested my sewing machine by starting in my quilt...
(waiting for the wadding to arrive to finish it off)
...I sat down with my son to make a draw string bag out of his fat quarter from nanna. We hit problem no1 straight away when I couldn't remember how to thread our lovely singer handcrank machine. It's only been 3 months, why can't I remember something so simple?!? Frustrated and annoyed I make it up! Then we hit problem no2, which is much worse. The needle isn't winding the cotton round the bobbin, it won't sew! Panic stations!!!
After about 40 minutes I give up and call the man of the house for help. You can tell how desperate I was.  And being a man he immediately reached for the iPad and google.  It really is amazing what you can learn.  We have discovered that this beautiful machine was made in 1917, that there are loads of different models all varying slightly and about 20 other great facts about singer sewers. and eventually on web search no37 we find the problem and hey presto a working sewing machine!!!

A win for google and a win for iPads! :) And maybe next time I wont struggle for quite so long before calling for help?! Maybe.


  1. That looks so much like Spring which is creeping into this cold winter days!! I'll get Justin to pick up the wadding and ribbon tonight so you can have it tomorrow morning ;)

    1. What amazing delivery! I was going to do some more unpacking tonight but now that I have my wadding I think I'll quilt :)

      I'll post a photo when it's finish.