Saturday, 10 August 2013

Cheesecake and whisky!

Hooray, it is our last day in the motel!

I can't believe that we've been here almost 7 weeks already and spent this long in a motel.  We are finally moving again.  I really hope that it's a long time before we move again.  Although actually it's a real mix of emotions.  I'm so pleased to be finally moving out of the motel and into a home, but that means it's real, we are here to stay.  This is not a holiday.  This is where we live! Aaargh!

I'm also astonished at how much stuff we have fit into this tiny motel.  I know we didn't exactly travel light with 7 suitcases, but we're taking an awful lot of stuff over to the house! How much have be bought since we got here?!?

I've bought cheesecake for dessert tonight for our first meal in the new house.  Which is a bad idea as I have a dairy allergy so will regret it as soon as it's eaten, but hey, we (meaning I) deserve a nice treat after living in one room for last 7 weeks! And then once the kids are in bed we'll break open the Balvenie Portwood 21 that has been calling us since we picked it up in Singapore. :)

So this is it... Our new life is beginning... tomorrow morning I'll be getting ready the kids ready for school from our home and walking them to school.

Let the indoor camping begin...

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