Friday, 27 September 2013

Whisky Galore!

The hubby had the day off today and the kids were in school and kindy so we ventured out on a date day.  So where else would we go but Whisky Galore.  We'd not made it there yet as we didn't really want to take the children into a shop full of very expensive glass bottles!
Wow, what a shop! It's comforting to know that we'll still be able to get good whisky even though we're the other side of the world from most of the great whisky makers.  Mmmmmm... what a shop!
We also made a very interesting discovery... Last November the hubby, myself and a friend went to a Wales v New Zealand whisky tasting that was held the night before the autumn international match (Rugby, of course!). It was a fun evening, although it hadn't been advertised very well so we were the only 3 at the official tasting match.  There was a Welsh male voice choir rehearsing in the next room so they came through to taste the whiskies at 'half time' but really, it was just the 3 of us.  The Welsh team, Penderyn v The New Zealand Whisky Company.  Three different whiskies for each team going head to head in a blind tasting. Although, I'm Welsh I show no favouritism in my whisky drinking , I save that for the Rugby pitch, and marked truthfully, even though I know the taste of Penderyn.  So I wasn't too surprised that NZ won. Their signature bottle won hands down.  It was a good, strong, slightly earthy Whisky from what I remember, with a good kick to it! And this is what we found in the shop today....
The NZ Whisky Co has put stickers on all it's Double wood bottles saying that it won the UK whisky tasting matches in London, Cardiff & Edinburgh! Hee hee! What a giggle :) I'm on a whisky bottle (sort of)!  Such fun!

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