Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Pretty and practical

I have had a fantastically crafty week. Thanks to a lovely new crafting buddy I have been totally inspired to make new things and improve and hopefully one day I will be able to sew in straight lines!

I cant believe that I still cant do straight lines on the sewing machine.  I had no idea that it would be so difficult to do something that sounds so easy.

After the success of the first two skirts I have made 2 more.  I have found a few different patterns that I really like and I have the material ready to try those out too.  I have also found some amazing 'boy' material to make the munchkin some Christmas PJ's (thanks to the Make café again!). I have also ventured out into a few things for around the house.  Our kitchen towel was in need of a hook so I thought I'd pretty it up a bit too!

I'm very pleased with my efforts :)
I have needed a card wallet for a while, but not found one that I liked, so I've made one!  (This is the pattern I used.) I used some left over material and one of the ladybugs hair bobbles and hey presto, in true Blue Peter style, here's one I made earlier!
And of course my week would not be complete without a spot of baking.  This week I thought I'd try something new.  At home we'd go to St. Fagan's museum of Wlesh life and go to the old fashioned bakery and pick up a loaf of Bara Brith (Welsh bread made with tea).  It is so delicious, especially when fresh and still warm.  So as it was raining and I was reminded very much of home, I looked up the recipe online and thought I'd give it a go.  If you have never had Bara Brith, please try this recipe, it's really good.  Even the hubby, who hates tea, loves it! (If you do use this recipe, I didn't bother with the wholemeal flour, just used all Self-raising or extra baking powder and it came out perfectly!)

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