Friday, 20 September 2013

Reuse, recycle, remake!

There is something so satisfying about sewing.  One minute you have a pile of material and an hour later you have something with shape and purpose!

Yesterday I spent the morning making two of the ladybugs old dresses into skirts.  These were my favourite summer dresses (thank you H&M).  She wore them as dresses at 18 months, then tunic tops with leggings at 2 and a half and now we'll get another year, probably 2 or 3 years out of them as skirts as there is plenty of room left in the waist and I can keep adding to the hem if the length gets too short.  There is a fantastic skirt design on Pinterest so I copied the hem and waistband design from it, chopped the top off the dresses and voila! Two new skirts! And all it cost was 2 FQ from The Make Café as I already had the elastic.

And the best part is, the ladybug absolutely loves her new skirts.  When we got home from Kindy she tried them both on, tried them out for twirliness, as you do, then chose one to wear and one to put at the end of her bed to wear this morning.  She also then chose which t-shirt, knickers and socks would go best with todays skirt! :) Happy mummy! There's something so comforting and satisfying about having your work appreciated.

It has encouraged me to make more! Somewhere I have a pattern to downsize old adults sweater into a kids one and I have two waiting to be transformed. I must make something for the munchkin.  It's so much easier to make pretty girly things, but I must make something for the little man too.  Although we're coming into the warm weather now so maybe I should try shorts?! or linen trousers? But that seems a little more daunting.  I may have to work up to that one.

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