Thursday, 10 October 2013

Quiet moments

The last 2 weeks have been the spring holidays here.  Half of the days have felt very 'spring' like; its been sunny, warm and we've enjoyed the outdoor life style.  The other half of the hols have been like a welsh winter! Cold, wet and grey!

Although I love my children dearly and we've had a lot of fun, there are times where I have just needed a quiet cuppa and to retreat into a grown up world... enter Mr Darcy :)

I very rarely sit down and read during the day, but I have made the children have a 'quiet' time during the afternoons so that I can recharge with a cuppa and my book.   On the afternoons that the lady bug has been asleep, the munchkin has had to learn patience and to occupy himself.  The afternoons where they've been together they have had to learn to play together without fighting, to resolve their problems themselves and that when mummy says 'stop fighting over it or I'll take it away' mummy really means it!

We done a few craft projects over the holiday as well.  But the biggest success by far was the blackboard...

Its a really easy craft.  I picked up an old frame from the eco shop for $5 (just £2.50) and then painted it in blackboard paint.  You can use any colour paint and mix it with grout and job done! (1 cup acrylic or matt paint mixed with 1 tablespoon of grout - simples!) 

They have had so  much fun taking it in turns to make pictures of all sorts.  These 3 are super duper machines. So much fun in fact that I'll be making another trip down to the eco shop (like a charity shop, but without the charity!) to see what else I can pick up to paint.  The possibilities are endless!

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